T-Shirt Update - Tube Alloys!

In the early days of WWII, British physicists, supplemented with those who came from troubled parts of Europe realized that nuclear physics could indeed achieve a sustained chain reaction, possibly even an explosive one.  Prior to the American "Manhattan Project" the British set up a super secret project called "Tube Alloys" to avoid unwanted attention.

Well, now you can wear the ultra-secret T-Shirt that makes you an honorary member.  See the shirts with more details on the Spreadshirt website.

On the Spreadshirt site, you can proclaim yourself the team-leader with the irrefutable proof of a T-Shirt, emblazoned with a small "team leader' logo on the chest.

With that sort of nuclear physics credibility, imagine your global power!

It's an historical reference that few know about, of course. But really, isn't that what we're all looking for on a T-Shirt?  Will anyone recognize the name?  You can bet they'll want to ask you about it, if nothing else.

Check out the project background by visiting the Wikipedia page that gets into some detail on the project.

Wrapping it Up

Thanks for the support of those who were both interested to make their own 'Juice Box' case, or order one from me.  It was fun putting those together and sending them around the world.  I hope yours lasted as long as mine.  I am just about to retire the one I've used for my iPod Touch for 2 years, as it is wearing away.  I'd never have thought they'd last so long.  The one on my camera is over 4yrs old and still going strong.

Anyway, thanks for your interest.  Keep making your own, and finding other uses for old 'juice boxes' but for now, I'm no longer making and selling them here.


Samsung Galaxy 'Q'

This is a sleeve-style case for the Samsung Galaxy 'Q'.  The sleeve style cases are getting popular for cell phones.  I guess you can pop the device out quickly to use the phone.

Can you tell this 'Happy Refresh' box is popular too? Getting lots of requests for them. And the best part is that the drink inside is really good too!  Hence, no shortage of raw materials.

See a few other pics with 'Happy Refresh' red logo by clicking the details page.

Mixing it Up

Sold out of a few items, particularly the purple plum box earlier shown at the right.  Can't find that terrible-tasting juice anywhere anymore.  But the good news is that China never stops generating other horrible tasting beverages in spectacular boxes. 

I'll put a couple of pics up and update the choices shortly.  Feel free to order still, or even drop me a line and I'll be happy to send pics of a few juice box options currently on hand.

LG Optimus Chat

Here's a nice crisp little case I made on request for a customer with an LG Optimus Chat.  It's  a velvet lined sleeve in a neat "black tea" design.

Occasionally I have to point this out, but these cases aren't intact juice-boxes that have been lined with velvet. They are disassembled and 'manufactured' to fit the target device, so much more elegant than just a used juice box.

The benefits are a disguise for your device, protection from bumps and scrapes and something a little bit cool and recycled/reused for your everyday objects.

If you need one of these just drop me a line, and I'll make ordering easy.

iPhone 4S Update

With the iPhone 4S out now, the pivotal thing for JuiceBox Case fans is that it is exactly the same dimensions as the iPhone 4 - and they will both fit fine in the iPT-01 case shown along the right-hand side there for your ordering pleasure.

There is enough space for one of those thin silicone bumpers around your phone, but if you put anything bulky around it of course, it wouldn't fit any longer.

Do you have a different phone? Let me know and I'll look up the size details for it and might be able to offer you a custom JuiceBox Case that will accommodate it, for only a few bucks more.

Burgundy iPhone4 Case Back

The popular burgundy coloured iPhone4 case is back. 

I made a couple of them and they are ready for you.  The juice? Tastes pretty awful. The case? Looks pretty awesome. See the pic at the right, looks cool with the Chinese characters up front.