Protect & Disguise Your Device

An idea spawned by the fact that an expensive iPhone or digital camera can be at risk of theft in some situations.  This project started as a way to decoy devices to avoid attention.  If someone sneakily peeks into your purse or knapsack and sees books, papers and a juice box, you might be happy that they don't see your $200 device.

Users tell me that when people see your juice box case, the reaction is often: "Cool! Where did you get that?" It makes a statement whether you're pulling out your iPhone or your business card - a stylish, environmentally friendly statement about your priorities.

Juice boxes are durable little things, manufactured in high volumes. Made up of six or more layers of plastic, paper and aluminum, they hold up to wear quite well.

Recycling keeps juice cartons out of landfill but it's an energy intensive process grinding up and separating components in multiple steps. Re-use is a better solution than recycling sometimes.

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