Juice Box Cases Get Attention

My Juice Box cases have received lots of attention around the webverse. Clearly the idea has struck a chord with many people.  Those who have received a juice box case from me report that it gets a great reaction from their friends and coworkers.  Who'd have thought that a little bit of funky enviro-friendly chic would get so much attention!

The famous MakeZine blog has a brief feature on my initial Juice Box iPhone cases.
See 'Cult of Mac' article from Jan 2009
See zedomax article on recycled fabrication
Also, on Recycled Crafts at
TLC (as in The Learning Channel) has an article on where they use my outline of the Juice Box Cases from my overview site.
Oh! And even Mashable got into the game. Tried to DIY their own, but failed. Yeah, it takes a bit of skill to pull it off.
The enviro-friendly folks at Greenopolis also feature a note on my cases. The prices for other alternatives are head spinning: $55 US for an inner tube case!
Then there was the Consumerist site that featured the awesome mention that "The juice box cases will make you awesome.

Hope we can send a handcrafted beauty to you soon!