T-Shirt Update - Tube Alloys!

In the early days of WWII, British physicists, supplemented with those who came from troubled parts of Europe realized that nuclear physics could indeed achieve a sustained chain reaction, possibly even an explosive one.  Prior to the American "Manhattan Project" the British set up a super secret project called "Tube Alloys" to avoid unwanted attention.

Well, now you can wear the ultra-secret T-Shirt that makes you an honorary member.  See the shirts with more details on the Spreadshirt website.

On the Spreadshirt site, you can proclaim yourself the team-leader with the irrefutable proof of a T-Shirt, emblazoned with a small "team leader' logo on the chest.

With that sort of nuclear physics credibility, imagine your global power!

It's an historical reference that few know about, of course. But really, isn't that what we're all looking for on a T-Shirt?  Will anyone recognize the name?  You can bet they'll want to ask you about it, if nothing else.

Check out the project background by visiting the Wikipedia page that gets into some detail on the project.