TShirts from ArtBoxe

You can own one of these nifty TShirts.  Click on the image to go to Spreadshirt store where fast and convenient purchase options await you! You can see more details and colour choices there too.

Theme: The Day of the Triffids
Those pesky world-dominating Triffids may drive us into a dystopian future, but with a few litres of TriffAway you can protect yourself and your family.  Well, at least you can wear the T-Shirt.

Theme: WWII Secret Nuclear Research program code-named "Tube Alloys"
Show that you are old-school, pre-Manhattan project knowledgeable with your very own "Tube Alloys" Shirt.  There are two versions, one proclaims "Team Leader" status, for showing you're at the next level of nuclear status.

Theme: Underworld Typewriter
Get funky with your an alternative typewriter theme. Not a conventional "Underwood" typewriter, this one is emblazoned with the "Underworld" brand, just for cheeky goodness.

Theme: Shirt and Tie
Great for when the occasion demands formal wear.

Theme: Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition
A favourite moment in comedy satire - buy it or expect the comfy chair treatment!

Theme: Avant Garde fashion statement - Meat as clothing: Wear meat!
An artistic statement, show your edgy art cred as seen in art galleries, (recently a "Lady Gaga" thing too)